Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Initial kwateeSDCM release

The first public release of kwateeSDCM (0.9.1) if finally out!

The deployment and configuration management of distributed software over multiple locations, or simply of the instantiation of various configurations in a test environment is a complex and error-prone activity. Taking the risk out of this task and reducing its complexity to a single click is what kwateeSDCM is all about.

kwateeSDCM provides a central repository for software and configuration, auditing of configuration changes, multiple configuration sets (i.e. test, production, ...), single click rollout and software & configuration versioning through a user friendly web interface. The full-featured Community Edition provides major enterprise-grade benefits such as:
  • Major reduction of software upgrade rollout time
  • Quick rollback to previous software version or configuration
  • Reliable and repeatable deployment operational procedures
  • Guaranteed integrity of installed software & configuration

Check out the tutorials and download the package to see for yourself

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