Monday, January 16, 2012

Kwatee 2.0 release

After a long time of working on exciting enhancements, Kwatee Ltd releases a major update of it's Kwatee Agile Deployment software (formerly known as KwateeSDCM).

"Kwatee Agile Deployment is a free language-agnostic tool that deploys web applications or software on any operating system. Tedious and error-prone update operations are automated and carried out on any number of servers in your premises or in the cloud in minutes rather than hours or days."

Besides a major revamp of the user interface for better usability and readability, Kwatee 2.0 introduces telnet/ftp support for windows deployment, Amazon EC2 and ELB cloud deployment, AIX deployment support, and many more features. See the revision history for full details.

Check out the updated video tutorials and download the package to see for yourself

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